Client Love

The best way to know what it's like to work with me is by speaking to my clients. So find out what they really think below!


"She is genuinely a lovely lady and shares so much knowledge and always has a plan when you hit a bump in the road."

Scarlett Heather, Zumba Instructor

"I had no idea what it really took to run a business. But since working with Jade it has helped me move my mindset and business forward."

Corinne Shaw, Virtual Assistant


"As a naturally introverted person but with the help of Jade I have put myself out there and started to bring in more clients."

Julia Lulis, Illustrator

"Jade's membership helps to keep me focussed and if I get stuck I know I have a wealth of experience and support from Jade and the others in the membership too! It’s helped me grow my business and my ideas!"

Emma Everitt, Beauty Therapist


Let me be your biggest cheerleader

Whatever stage we are in business we all need that one person who we know is going to celebrate our successes and comes up with strategies how to improve things in times of trouble.

This is me... my friend Nicki Louise James started calling me her biggest cheerleader and I loved it. I realised that actually we all need cheerleaders in our life and so the support evolved.

One of my clients Karen, came up with the term #TheJadeEffect. Which is basically listening to me and implementing what I say to achieve results!